New test and training facility for oil protection and marine environment in Norway

by | 20. December 2019 | News

– We are very pleased that the government has now decided to invest all investments in Fiskebøl, and that the State will invest in a nationwide test center for oil spill and marine pollution there, says Terje Olav Hansen.

He is formerly chairman of NorLense AS, and is now chairman of LoVeMar AS. – I have been working for such a decision for a whole 22 years, he says. Hansen launched the idea of ​​an Arctic oil spill protection center as early as the 1990s, pointing to the need for higher preparedness and knowledge about environmental risk in the north. He expects major ripple effects from the initiative, and believes the decision will contribute to further technological development in oil spill protection and marine pollution. A lot is already happening in this area, and the company LoVeMar AS is central to the cluster collaboration in the Marine Recycling Cluster, which is managed by Egga Utvikling in Stokmarknes. Terje Olav Hansen pays tribute to both Freiberg, Hadsel and Vågan, and the Nordland County Council for their tireless work to get a commitment to Fiskebøl.

Picture: Terje Olav Hansen in LoVeMar and Kjell Børge Freiberg, recently resigned from the Minister of Petroleum and Energy during the announcement on Monday, December 16, 2019 about the authorities’ decision to invest in Fiskebøl as the location of a new national test center for oil spill and marine environment.

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