LoVeMar AS at Fiskebøl has devised smart solutions so that the clearing of marine plastic waste in the sea, rivers and beaches can be done more professionally and efficiently.

Av Mari Rokkan – Lofotposten

LoVeMar is an active member of the Marine Recycling Cluster (MRC) which is now included in the national ARENA cluster program “Norwegian Innovation Clusters”.

– It is important for LoVeMar to have good cooperation with the companies that are part of MRC. MRC will be Norway’s technological spearhead in the fight against global marine waste. So far, marine litter has been handled by volunteers. Now the business world is also on the track. It is crucial to create robust solutions for a cleaner sea, the company writes.

Cluster manager Børge E. Bentsen at MRC is pleased that the Lofot company invents good solutions and also paves the way for other entrepreneurs through their cooperation with others.

In Reno-West IKS, we are looking forward to using the conveyor belt to handle marine waste where it previously could not be reached.

– The conveyor belt will be used actively in the months when we work to clean beaches. We can also rent the conveyor belt to other renovation companies or professional players working for the same cause, says CEO Berit Pettersen.