Figures from 800 beach cleanup projects give hope: – Shows that it is useful

by | 17. March 2020 | News

Each year, between 8 and 13 million tonnes of plastic are released into the oceans. But in beaches in Lofoten we are finding less and less trash.

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Marthe Larsen Haarr was born in the southern part of Norway and educated in Canada, but has had a passion for Northern Norway and the Arctic for as long as she can remember. She did not hesitate to jump onboard the “SALTship” when she got the opportunity to move north. Marthe is a marine biologist with a major in expertise in fisheries ecology, and with extensive experience in dissemination and research collaboration with professional groups in fisheries. Marthe is one of very few who has been employed in a research position in Lofoten.

Marthe holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. in marine biology from the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Based on her work in her Ph.D., Marthe received a gold medal in 2018 for outstanding research on lobster in Eastern Canada. Her Ph.D thesis is considered to be the best of the year at the University of New Brunswick. In her Ph.D, she studied, among other things, whether Canadian lobster fishing may have driven down the puberty age of lobster, how climate change affects the cycle of lobster larvae hatching and how large variations can change the data on how we conduct marine management.

Foto: Espen Mortensen