Practical solutions for a cleaner ocean

Tools for Mapping, Clean-up and Handling.

The global struggle for healthy oceans is just beginning. Good intentions and enthusiasm is necessary, but we also need practical tools. Volunteer efforts can be empowered through specialized equipment, professional services and knowhow. Our companies do that. MRC makes powerful tools to strengthen the odds in our fight against marine waste pollution.

MRC (Marine Recycling Cluster) is a Group of cooperating companies within a wide range of operations, from drone surveillance and marine bio-research to clean-up operations and waste processing. We are developing a complete value chain within marine clean-up and waste handling for customers – governments, organizations and private companies.

Illustrations of MRCs value chain
An illustration of the value chain

Actions Against Marine Pollution

Mapping the Marine Waste

Analysing ocean currents, coastal topography and beach sediments combined with visual mapping from specialized drones will provide a powerful planning tool for debris localization and clean-up operations.

Clean-up Operations

Professional clean-up is often necessary under conditions with high risk, use of specialized equipment, demanding terrain, etc. The use of vessels, airlift, heavy equipment, trucks, etc, would sometimes demand expert planning and coordination.

Toolbox for Marine Waste Cleaners

The MRC-companies are developing equipment for both volunteers and professionals who are cleaning up marine waste. Machines for processing waste into useful fractions and components are also provided.

Training and Consulting

Several of our companies have many years of experience in marine clean-up of both oil spill and marine plastic waste. Hundreds of volunteers have been trained by us.

Who are we?

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